Venturenomix works with entrepreneurs to structure and differentiate impact ventures.

Our consultancy and training services are focused on securing the funding you need.

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Who are we?

Venturenomix was co-founded by entrepreneurs and consultants with experience in funding (including EU Grant Funding) and scaling successful impact projects.

Leave a positive impact on people

and planet.

Your impact venture could be sustainable – have a positive impact and make money. It might be a clean-tech or edtech business, a renewable energy infrastructure development, a collaborative smart cities project or an impact project to turn waste streams into new products. We help you maximise the chance of realising your impact venture by bringing expertise in defining the strategy for impact ventures, EU Grant Funding and more generally, funding for innovation projects.

Our Services

Our services are based on experience gained since 2009 while working with impact ventures in the funding services market – including funding for innovation projects and EU Grant Funding. We know how to structure an impact project to be sustainable, how to develop compelling business plans and how to secure seed and scale-up funding.

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Can personal data be shared without consent?

Can personal data be shared without consent?

In our last blog on Smart Cities we shared the statistic that 30 billion different IoT devices will be connected in 2020 and had a look at how personal data can be protected. As I researched this topic, I became more interested in what countries are doing to protect...

Can Smart Cities be inclusive and equitable?

Can Smart Cities be inclusive and equitable?

3 takeaways from the Smart City Convention, Berlin 2019 Smart Cities are now the number 1 driver of 5G technology world-wide. Think about that for a moment – interconnected, digital and intelligent cities is a bigger driver for super-fast internet services than...

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