Do you have a comprehensive

Venture Strategy?

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Why Do I Need This?

Developing an in-depth Venture Strategy will help you be:


Bring rigour to your market and product research that will give strategic insights


Identify crucial gaps in your knowledge


Highlight (and therefore mitigate) potential risks

What Funding Options are available?

A well-developed Venture Strategy builds on the Venture Synopsis by adding:

  • Grant Funding – Including R&I Grants, Capital Grants, Knowledge Exchange Grants, Business Support Grants and more
  • Loan Funding – including Traditional Loans, Crowd Lending, Innovation Loans, Impact Loans and more
  • Equity Investment – including Angel Funding, VC Funding, Equity Crowd Funding, Impact Investment and more
  • Support Funding – including Accelerators, Incubators, Coaching Programs, Intellectual Property Audits, Market Research and more

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